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We offer a range of tools to subscribers based primarily upon the data contained in uploaded yield monitor files. As a subscriber, not only can you view the graphical maps you're accustomed to, but you can experience the power of integrated information: Commodity prices, community data, online access, and more.
Subscriber services:

Upload your yield monitor file - Experience our robust error correction algorithms.  Then, view your files from anywhere at anytime - all password protected. 
Community View - Find the highest yielding hybrids by searching the HarvestMap database using criteria of your choice. Generate your own reports through unlimited searches.
What-if Tool - Substitute the highest yielding hybrid in one of your fields based on a search of the HarvestMap Community of data and see its impact on your bottom line
Reports - Our experts will periodically search the HarvestMap database and rate the performance of hybrid yields. These studies will then be archived to our library.. 
Graphical Maps - View your Yield, Moisture, and hybrid maps in a variety of ways. This tool provides detailed analysis of your fields down to a specific hybrid.
My Files - Check trends and see how it affects any one or all of your uploaded files. Choose which commodity you wish to monitor and trend over time for each file.
Calculator - By monitoring your files online aganist CBOT closing prices, you can check the value of your fields on a daily basis. Itemize both direct and indirect costs and track the profitability of your fields as commodity prices change.

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