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Your Fields: Data Collection

As part of the file upload, not only do you complete the error correction steps, but you also record key details about your harvest that you can reference at any time, or update later if you wish. This record keeping involves four categories:

  • Chemicals used - fertilizer, Herbicide, pesticides, etc.
  • Weather information - from planting to harvest including
    • Rainfall,
    • Temperature or
    • Weather events, such as wind or hail damage.
  • Soil details - such as soil type, pH level, and drainage quality.
  • Your practices, such as tillage, row spacing, irrigation, and more.

This information can be accessed and changed later if desired. First, select the file as before, then select the Data entered detail button again. It is from here that you can view the data entered, or press the Change button to update.

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