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Your Fields: Uploading

Your yield monitor file is the center piece of the HarvestMap community of data. You are the only one that can view the specifics, but the general statistics of that field become part of the community of subscribers.

The Yield Monitors we currently support are:

  • AgLeader YLD, basic, and expanded files
  • Greenstar (John Deere) GSY files
  • New Holland
  • Case (AFS)

Once you transfer your yield monitor file to your computer, you simply browse to it, and press upload.

Its simple and easy to use
Part of the upload process is to complete a series of error correction steps, and then enter information about the growing season for that field. As part of this process, you indicate which hybrid you used for the various loads.
Our goal in this process is to
  1. Ensure accuracy of analysis
  2. Enable you to keep records about this years harvest
  3. Share and combine the data to empower the community

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