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Financials: Summary

The financials summary page provides a summary of your selected field's financial results. You can easily change the field you want to analyze by selecting from a drop down list of your fields.


You can project revenues for your field by selecting CBOT cash or futures from drop down or input a specific price (Bushels x Price = Revenues). The CBOT market prices are updated daily after 6:00 pm CST.

The Financial page allows you to enter direct (or indirect) cost per acre or total cost in input boxes under Profit Calculations column Or you can launch Direct (or Indirect) Cost itemizer by clicking on buttons to right of input boxes to itemize your expenses. See Itemizer Overview

Once you have refreshed the page to reflect changes you made to cost or price then you can view an income statement report for the field selected.

One of our users gives us her opinion...
"You can enter your direct or indirect cost and do a field income statement. To me, it seems quick and easy. It doesn't require setting up a big Excel document. You just drop a few numbers in."
  Susan Meeker, Peoria, IL

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