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Products: Overview
If you are an organization providing services to your clients, such as yield maps, field scouting, or input recommendations, then our services not only meet these needs, but allows you to view your community of data as a whole.
The goal of our services is to help you work with your clients to optimize their operation by maximizing Yield and minimizing costs.
  How do we do that...
By integrating harvest and market data online. With this shared data, we can provide a set of powerful tools to help you optimize your operation.
  We make this community of data available to our subscribers through a set of powerful tools... These subscribers, or community data managers, have the ability to enable their clients to view, or not to view this data.
  Our tools include the following features, plus much more...
  • A complete online client management system..
    • You build your own community of data.
    • Complete client tool access control; you can enable your clients to utilize all, some, or none of the tools, based on username and password entry.
  • Upload your Yield monitor Files and receive full error correction.
  • Monitor the value of all your fields as the market prices change.
  • Yield maps, moisture maps, and hybrid maps ...
    • Includes complete analysis of each field's harvest.
  • Financial tools tied directly to CBOT prices
  • Complete growing season record keeping tools
  • Search the HarvestMap community of data to find the best hybrids.
    • All under the conditions of your choosing.
  • Perform what-if scenarios directly on uploaded fields based on search results
    and CBOT prices. Simply make a substitution and see the projection.
  ... No software to install
    ...Automatic upgrades to new features
      ...View online, anytime, anywhere

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