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About Us

HarvestMap Systems, Inc.
13106 Fieldgate Drive
Austin, TX 78753


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive analysis of precision farming yield monitor files for the producer's benefit - all online.  

We will, by combining user information, provide a community of data that can be accessed to reveal the best practices and inputs to the farm operation, giving farmers the edge they need in making decision that could lead to higher yields and lower costs. Our subscribers will have the benefit of not just the analysis of their own harvest, but that of the precision farming community. 

Our tools will assist in decisions related to planting and cost control. We are dedicated to maximizing the value of the farmer's investment in precision farming techniques and practices; through online information, automated analysis, and the power of a community view.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the precision farming decision support leader. We believe that as the HarvestMap Systems community of data grows, the data will reveal to the farmer the best path of action towards optimizing his growing cycle results leading to higher yields and lower costs. This confidence is based upon the data speaking for itself; unbiased and independent. When farmers think of realizing the full potential of their precision farming investment, they will think of HarvestMap Systems.

Our Values Objectivity.  We will strive to be unbiased and objective in our analysis and reporting.  We are a small company with no ties to seed, chemical or farm equipment companies and will be diligent in the relationships we form to insure we do not compromise our objectivity.

Data Quality.  We will strive to maintain and deliver high quality data. Our data base results come from yield monitor files uploaded through our error correction process by our subscribers, which helps us ensure the integrity of the data we report. We are also committed to securing the subscriber data we collect online.

Innovative. We will strive to introduce new products or services based upon customer needs and feedback.  We will encourage our excellent technical team to seek out innovation that will enhance or supplement existing tools. We want to be the thought leader in online precision farming decision support.

Customer Focused. We will strive to be responsive to our subscribers questions and issues but most of all we will listen to their feedback to insure we continue to improve and meet their business and analysis needs. 

Our History Founder Joe Nelson first came interested in precision farming techniques in 1996 when he performed contract work for a major seed company.  His work led him to the belief that the internet was an effective way to provide comprehensive analysis of precision farming yield monitor files by capturing this data to share in an anonymous but meaningful way with the subscriber community.  He enlisted his brothers John and Bob to continue to research this concept and assist in developing a business plan.  The results of the brothers research was compelling enough that HarvestMap Systems, Inc. was formed in December 2000.

In August 2001, a team was formed and has continued to grow.  Today, the team consists of engineers, data base administrators, programmers, web designers, financial analysts, agronomists, customers service representatives and ag advisors - this team has tremendous commitment and a can-do attitude. We are proud to claim that no outside investments have been required and the HarvestMap start-up team has been working solely on the commitment and faith that the core products and services of HarvestMap Systems, Inc. will be valued by the precision farming community.

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