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Updated on Thursday, June 12, 2003 9:33 PM

The HarvestMap Website Overview and General FAQ's

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The HarvestMap Website Overview

What is the HarvestMap website?
Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive analysis of precision farming yield monitor files for the producer's benefit-all online.  Our tools will assist you  in decisions related to planting and cost control.  We are dedicated to maximizing the value of your investment in precision farming techniques and practices; through online information and automated analysis. For more information see our About Us page.

What kinds of information will appear on the site?
Browsers and subscribers will be able to view commodity market information.  Subscribers will have access to several tools and services which include yield file error correction, yield, hybrid and moisture maps, income statement calculator with links to commodity futures quotes from Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT), a what-if calculator, community view reports and database search capability.  For more information see our products information page.. 

How do I subscribe?
Just complete a simple form... Start your subscription process now [add link later].

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Can other subscribers see my maps or detail data that I uploaded?

Part of our services includes the uploading of your yield monitor files, mainly for your analysis and use.  The graphical views representing your fields – such as yield maps - will not be shared with other users, or third parties. However, the summary information contained in these files will become part of the HarvestMap database that is available to any subscriber in a non-identifying and aggregate basis. Please see our Privacy Statement

I forgot my password. What do I do?
If you have forgotten your password, please request your password hint using the feedback form and we will send it to you via email.

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I have logged on but the format does not look right. Some of the graphics overlap the text or are incomplete. What can I do to see everything on the screen?
For optimal viewing capabilities, you'll want to have the most recent version of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator downloaded on your computer. You can do this by clicking on one of the following links:

Where does the commodity information come from?
The commodity futures quotes come from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) with daily updates.


Why does my markets page show that markets have not been updated?

The prices shown are prices from the most recent market close available. If the date listed is from a previous date the provider hasn't submitted the most recent information or the current day market is not closed. 


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