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Updated on Monday, June 16, 2003 10:04 PM

How do I use the My Files, My Maps, Community View and Calculator pages?

HarvestMap "My Files" page Questions

HarvestMap "My Maps" page Questions

HarvestMap "Community View" page Question

HarvestMap "Calculator" page Questions

HarvestMap "What-if" tool Questions

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How do I use the My Files, My Maps, Community View and Calculator pages?

As a subscriber, you have full access to these tools. To learn about how to use these pages go to our Products/Demo page.

HarvestMap My Files page Questions

How do I select a yield monitor file to upload?

From the My Files page, select the "Browse" button to select the file you want to upload. Select the grain type for the field your uploading and give it a name meaningful to you (e.g. South 40) then click on "Upload File" button.


How is the composite revenues, expenses and net profits derived?

The composite revenues and expenses are the summation of the files you uploaded and inputs or selections you made within calculator for each field. The revenues are defaulted to the daily cash price from CBOT and can be modified to futures or specific price selection you make on each field within the calculator. Expenses represent the direct and indirect expense inputs you made within calculator for each field. Revenues - Expenses = Net Profit. Net Profit is used loosely and assumes you include all your expenses which may include income taxes.


How do I view or modify my error corrections details?

From the My Files page, select the file by clicking on the radio button displayed to the left of the field name then click on "View Error Correction Details" button. Once the errors correction window appears, you can view or modify the details by clicking on the "Change" button. Note that error correction details are view only and cannot be modified after the initial updated and error correction process. This method is also used to view general data entered about your harvest, such as chemical usage, or soil type.


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HarvestMap My Maps page Questions

Is there something I can do to make my maps display quicker?

The My Maps page presents a color coded graphical display of your yield, moisture or hybrid field maps. The heavy graphics may take a while to display on your screen. The amount of time it takes to display may vary depending on your internet connection. If you feel your maps are taking longer and longer to display then it may be time to delete your temporary files. In Windows, go to Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup.


Can other subscribers see my maps or detail data that I uploaded?

Part of our services includes the uploading of your yield monitor files, mainly for your analysis and use.  The graphical views representing your fields – such as yield maps - will not be shared with other users, or third parties. However, the summary information contained in these files will become part of the HarvestMap database that is available to any subscriber in a non-identifying and aggregate basis. Please see our Privacy Statement


What does the histogram suppose to tell me?

The histogram is statistical analysis provided that displays the average yield for the field and degree of variability. For example, the average yield may be 160 bushels per acre in which 75% of data points are within 40 bushels of the average. The 40 bushels represent the degree of variability.


What does equal distribution mean?

When creating maps of your field, you have a choice of how the data is grouped, which then becomes part of the map legend. The equal distribution choice means that of the eight ranges that are listed in the legend, the number of data points will be equal in each range group. To do this, the range end points are adjusted automatically to accommodate this.


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HarvestMap Community View page Questions

Why is the search I performed on the community view page show a different result than the same search I performed last week?

The HarvestMap community view data base will continue to grow as new subscribers join and upload their files, which will impact the results of your search in a good way.  The more subscribers that join, the better the quality of data that will be available for you to analyze. Spread the word to family, friends and neighbors the power of sharing data through the HarvestMap community view and help us grow the database.


How do I perform a search and how would I use it?

Perform a search by choosing specific criteria from the selection values, just scroll and click on the values you want to narrow your search on or search on all.  The more criteria you select the more closely you can mirror the conditions you have experienced or anticipate this year. Here's a few search examples:

1. See how a specific hybrid performed in the HarvestMap community relative to your personal experience by selecting one of your hybrids from the selection values list and hit the search button

2. Discover what hybrid performed the best under similar conditions you experienced by selecting the crop type, weather and soil type that best matches your conditions and hit the search button

3. Create performance rankings among the suppliers by specifying a crop type and hitting search button

Can I print or copy to Excel the search results?

Yes. To print simply click on your internet browser print button. If you would like to copy search results to Excel to perform further analysis just select the area of the report you wish to copy and select Edit/Copy (shortcut is Ctrl C) then go to excel and Edit/Paste (shortcut is Ctrl V).


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HarvestMap Calculator page Questions


Where does the commodity information come from?
The commodity futures quotes come from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) with daily updates. The prices shown are prices from the most recent market close available. If the price is not current the provider hasn't submitted the most recent information or the current day market is not closed. 


Can I select a specific price or commodities futures price to calculate revenues for one of my field?

Yes. To see projected revenues from your field select CBOT cash or futures from drop down or input a specific price  (Bushels × Price = Revenues)


Can I put in detail cost items into the calculator?

In addition to entering direct (or indirect) cost per acre or total cost in input boxes under the Profit Calculations column you can launch Direct (or Indirect) Cost itemizer by clicking on buttons to left of input boxes to itemize your expenses. HarvestMap Systems Direct (and Indirect) Cost Itemizer is an operating expense tracking tool. This tool allows you the flexibility to keep track of expense details by field.


Is there a way to put in a specific cost item that is not listed in itemizer?

Yes. Just type in Other expenses in box provided if not displayed in line items provided and enter data by cost per acre or total cost for each line item.


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HarvestMap What-If page Questions


What is the what-if results based on?

The what-if tool will search the HarvestMap database with some criteria that you specify, and by some criteria that is automatically based upon the current field type being viewed. The automatic items include your field's product type, such as corn, or soybeans. You can add constraints to this search by including soil type, and some weather parameters.


How statistically reliable is the results of the What-If?

It depends on the data population that meets the specified criteria. If there is a large number of data items that meet the specified criteria, then the confidence in the data becomes higher.

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