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Uploading Yield Monitor Files

Updated on Thursday, June 12, 2003 9:42 PM

Uploading Yield Monitor Files Questions

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What yield monitor file types does HarvestMap systems support

HarvestMap Systems supports the following files:

  • AgLeader YLD, basic, and expanded files
  • Greenstar (John Deere) GSY files
  • New Holland
  • Case

Note: your yield monitor file type is automatically detected as part of the upload process. If the type of file you use is not on this list please let us know using our feedback form so we can inform you when we are able to accept that file type.

What type of error correction is performed on the yield monitor files?

  • Hybrid to Load name correlation
  • Calibration of your total yield
  • Combine offset factor
  • Automatic Lead/Lag adjustment
  • Automatic detection and marking of outliers (invalid data points0

How long will it take to upload a file?

The amount of time to upload a file will vary depending on a number of factors; size of file, file type, type of PC, internet provider, or internet connection quality and speed to name a few.  Despite those factors, the upload time per file generally takes less than 10 minutes. Note: need to get statistics on actual upload times.


How do I select a yield monitor file to upload?

Once you subscribe you can go to the My Files page and click on the "Browse" button to select the file you want to upload. Select the grain type for the field you're uploading and give it a name meaningful to you (e.g. South 40) then click on the "Upload File" button.


Can I upload yield monitor files from prior years?

Yes, but HarvestMap will reject any yield monitor files with harvest years prior to 2001.  HarvestMap wishes to keep it's Community View data base as current as possible to provide the most current information possible to all subscribers.


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