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You can not only create, view, and manage your customer accounts, but you also create a community of data that is yours to view and analyze.

  • Find the best practice,
  • the best hybrid,
  • or the best cost,

    all from within your community of users

  View total customer summary
When you log into your account, see a complete overview of all customer activity. Note that there is a default account for you, the community manager. If you have uploaded files, see their status as well as your clients.

  Create Client accounts

You are in control of your client database.

You may create accounts for your customers online with a simple click of a button

  View your customer list summary
Check back daily to view uploaded file summaries which shows the following:
  • Total customer accounts
  • Tota files uploaded into this community
  • Total Bushels uploaded into this community
  • Current Revenue, Cost, and Net based on user input and CBOT close price
  • Click on the email address for automatic email correspondence
  • Or, click on the customer name to view the entirety of this account

  View your customer details

  Control over which features you will allow your client to use.
You can provide your customer with his username and password to allow him access to his uploaded file and summary information, but you still control which features are accessible.

A fully integrated online solution to support your customer's precision Ag needs


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