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Community View: Overview

What is the Community View?
Imagine several producers all across North America participating in the sharing of information; from crop yield, practices used, chemicals applied, inputs costs, to overall results. You can access this information by asking specific questions via the Community View tool. For example, you can find the best hybrid under conditions you choose. The information available to the community of users is completely anonymous. Your yield maps and data specific to your opreation will always be private and accessed only by you, or your community data manager, via your user name and password.

You have viewed your own yield maps and tried to optimize your yield based on that, but by combining the results of other users from all across the fruited plane, you multiply the value of your farming operation information!

Find best inputs, best practices, or lowest costs...

Our goal is to allow the producer to mine this valuable data to make his own decisions. We are not trying to sell input and are independent and unbiased on how these rankings are determined.


... You are in control of the data

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