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Community View: Searching Hybrids

How do I perform the search?
You will be presented with a form that provides you set of options:

Produce Type Type Select Corn, Soybeans, or Wheat
Specific Hybrid Select a specific hybrid you are interested in or include all
Seed Supplier
If you wish, you can limit your search to just a selection of suppliers - perhaps your favorite.
Soil Type Enter your upper and lower soil types.
Rainfall Find the best hybrids under the amount of rainfall you predict
Temperature Find the best hybrids under the temperature you predict

Once you specifiy the criteria of your choice, and start the search engine, the entire HarvestMap Community of data will be compared, sorted, and presented showing which hybrids performed the best.

An example:
  Since the community of users will be uploading their yield monitor files over time, check back frequently as the data may change as new results come in.
OR specify weather conditions you anticipate...

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