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Your Fields: My Files

What is the My Files feature?
The HarvestMap basic plan allows you to upload several files based upon the total number of acres. Not only can you see the specifics of each field, but with the "My Files" feature, you to see the composite of all files uploaded. This composite includes yield summaries, as well as the financials. Check back daily to seen the financials change as the commodity markets change.

Financial Tracking
Once a file is uploaded, you can use the calculator tool to select which market value you wish to track from the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). You can also use this tool to itemize your direct and indirect costs. Once these values have been entered, along with the CBOT selection, you can track your bottom line on a daily basis.

Summary of Composite Information
Not only can you see a summary of all the files uploaded, but details of each one individually. Also, if you are under the total acre limit of your plan, then it is from this feature that you elect to upload an additional file. Simply press Browse your computer for your file, then select Upload File.

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