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Financials: Itemize Cost

What is the Cost Itemizer feature?
HarvestMap Systems Direct (and Indirect) Cost Itemizer is an operating expense tracking tool. This tool allows you the flexibility to keep track of expense details by field.

The direct (and Indirect) cost itemizer provides 3 options to record your expenses:

  1. Enter cost per acre for each line item
  2. Enter total cost for each line item
  3. Enter combination of above (only 1 choice per line item)

Once entry is complete you can click on Show total values button to calculate both cost per acre and total cost columns and the grand total of these cost columns will be displayed on the Financials summary page.

Note: after calculating using a cost/acre amount, if you want switch to a specific total cost number for that line item then you must type a 0 in the cost/acre along with the total cost number before clicking on the Show total values button.

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