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HarvestMap Systems offer a range of tools to members based primarily upon the data contained in uploaded yield monitor files. As a member, not only can you view the graphical maps you're accustomed to, but you can experience the power of integrated information: Commodity prices, community data, online access, and more.

Providing value to your customer
Your Fields This is the launch point to upload your files and experience our robust error correction algorithms. The "My Fields" feature allows you to see the specifics of each field as well as the composite of all files uploaded. This composite includes yield summaries, as well as the financials. Check back daily to see the financials change as the commodity markets change.

Field Maps This tool enables you to create graphical view of your fields. You can view any of your uploaded files as a yield map, a moisture map, or a hybrid map and view the yield analysis and statistics down to the hybrid level.

Community View With this feature, you can find the highest yielding hybrids by searching the HarvestMap database using criteria of your choice. Use the power of this shared database pool to generate your own reports through unlimited searches.

Financials This tool is your field by field profitability analysis tool. The Financials allow you to monitor your fields online against CBOT closing prices and check the current or future value of your fields on a daily basis. Itemize both direct and indirect costs and track the profitability of your fields as commodity prices change. Generate income statements and more.

What-If Tool

This tool allows you to substitute the highest yielding hybrid in one of your fields based on a search of the HarvestMap Community of data and view the impact to that fields profitability.

This is a very powerful tool to help you with your input decisions.

Create and view accounts for all your customers. Setup which features you allow clients to view on their own. You can upload yield monitor files directly into their account, or allow the client to perform that feature.

You create a community of data that you can view, search, or analyze and then provide recommendations to your customer.

Our online notebook allows the recording of a wide variety of events throughout the growing year. You create a notebook for each field and then use the data wizards to enter a type of data..

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We are independent with no ties to seed, chemical or equipment companies.

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